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PCB Design & Layout Tutorial

PCB Design & Layout Tutorial


This article originally appeared in Silicon Chip magazine Oct-Dec 2003.

Here you can find the worlds most popular PCB Design and Layout Tutorial in PDF format, freely distributable for educational and private use. All I ask is that it be distributed in the original PDF form.

The tutorial is extremely popular with universities and colleges through the world. Many PCB program companies are also promoting it to customers.

If you have ever wanted to know the "secrets" to good PCB design, you'll find it all (well, some of it!) in this tutorial.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback, support donations for this tutorial.

The tutorial is not tied to using one particular software PCB package, so it is suitable for whatever package you happen to use. It is aimed at the beginner through to intermediate PCB designers. Experienced PCB designers may even learn a few tricks and some good design practices they didn't know they should be following.


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Thanks & Enjoy.

David L. Jones

DOWNLOAD: The latest revision is available for PDF download here: PCBDesignTutorialRevA.PDF

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