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Hexagonal Othello

Back in the late 80's/early 90's I was into writing games, and one of my original game ideas was Hexagonal Othello, or HexThello.

After writing standard and three dimentional versions of normal Othello (Reversi for the common people), I came up with the idea of Hexagonal Othello, which is played on a hexagonal grid instead of the normal 8x8 square grid in regular Othello. This gives better playability and more options, and is more fun !

This is what peole usually say when they see this game : Click Here ! :-)

There have been some imitations and variations such as OddThello, but make no mistake, HexThello is the original and best.

If you want to try HexThello for yourself, then here are two old versions that I'm game to release

hex31.zip Version 3.1.
This sucker has it all: :

This was going to be my all singing all dancing version, but I ended up abandening it for other interests. So this is effectively still only a rough beta copy with some menu options not yet implemented, like the serial link mode, and Deep Thought algorithm. There is also a problem with the mouse cursor, it is supposed to change shape when moved across the board, but now just comes up with garbage. It did work at one stage, but I don't know what happened to it at the last compile. The game still works though and doesn't crash, it's just not completely finished.

For a real challenge try playing the three level interactive board on the Intelligent level with time limited moves, and WrapAround rules !

HexThello Version 3.1 single level game board
A screen shot of HexThello version 3.1
Single Level mode.

hexthe21.zip Version 2.1. My original version. Single dimentional, and basic game play.

HexThello Version 2.1
A screen shot of HexThello version 2.1

Both of these programs work under DOS, and require a VGA card and a DOS mouse driver.

They were both written in QuickBasic 4.5

and remember that I wrote these a long time ago for my own edification, so don't expect fancy graphics, sound, and animation.

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